Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How to make simple (Free!) Grid in WPF with XAML from DataSet or DataTable

This is just a concept you can start with to make your own Grid in XAML.

XAML Part:

<ListBox x:Name="tgData"
ItemsSource="{Binding Path=TableOne}"
Style="{DynamicResource HorizontalList}"
ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Row.ItemArray}"
<TextBlock Width="100" Text="{Binding}" />

XAML Style for Horizontal List for columns:
<Style x:Key="HorizontalList" TargetType="{x:Type ListBox}">
<Setter Property="Template">
<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Panel.IsItemsHost= "True"/>

Code Behind (VB.Net):
Dim sConnectionString As String = "Data Source=Kelner;Database=Northwind;Integrated Security=SSPI;"
Dim sQueryString As String = "SELECT * FROM dbo.Customers"

Dim dsCustomer As New DataSet("CustomerData")
Dim conn As SqlClient.SqlConnection = New SqlClient.SqlConnection(sConnectionString)
Dim adapter As SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter = New SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter(sQueryString, conn)

Dim customers As DataSet = New DataSet
adapter.Fill(dsCustomer, "TableOne")
tgData.DataContext = dsCustomer


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